Another way to reuse magazines.

I read a lot of magazines, sometimes if I see some nice images/patterns/colours, I save them and I reuse them as wrapping papers, other times, I collect them as references but mostly I chuck them into the recycling bin.  Although these magazines do get recycled and turned into something useful (so I hope) but as a designer I feel I should be doing something more, to promote and to create sustainable designs.

A rug weaved with roll-up magazine paper and textiles!

This product is part of the final project by Catherine Chan Pui-Yee at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  She came up with at least 60 different ways to reuse magazine papers and developed three, a stool, a light diffuser and a rug.  I have chosen the rug because I find both the idea and techniques simple and traditional, I believe many people could attempt to make their own.  I love the endless palette created by the uniqueness of each page and you could weave the papers with so many different kinds of textile.

Sis, let’s start making one for MYO!